Aks Comedy Night: EIC Vs Bollywood, Dubai

by Jannat Manghnani on April 12th, 2016

EIC Vs Bollywood, Jumeirah Emirates Towers, Dubai, UAE

​AKS Comedy Nights collaborated with Aish Outt Productions and Limitless Ideas Event Organizers  and did Dubai a huge favour of bringing one of India’s exceptionally talented group of comedians who collectively & very famously are recognised as EIC- East India Comedy.
​The event took place in the Godolphin ballroom at the very beautiful Jumeirah Emirates towers on 8th April 16’. Literally 900+ people showed up way before time since the seats were on a first come basis! This was EIC's biggest record in Dubai in terms of audience numbers. I bumped into a bunch of friends who i didn’t even know were coming. Apparently some of them had won tickets over some competitions run over Social Media and on Radio Mirchi, which was awesome because I felt it would be a good thing to share my excitement regarding the show.
There was an open bar so we quickly bought our drinks (hello queues!) and sat ourselves in the 4th row thanks to the VVIP tickets we had (Thanks P). While we waited, my husband who was also one of the organizers for the show offered to go backstage and meet the crew. Obviously I jumped at the chance and paraded my way backstage.
​There they were, the three stars of the show sitting oh so casually sipping black coffee to wake themselves up and I’m pretty sure i saw one of them jumping up and down just to prolly wake himself up. I shook hands and introduced myself like a good girl only to get a lame joke as a reply and i literally worried(short-lived) about the show that was going to be. Oops! 

Show starting in 2 mins we hear an announcement that all the people who are late are probably the rich ones who paid for their show (sponsors) so they can’t really do anything but wait for them! The crowd chuckled and that was how they broke the ice! 5 mins down and they came in on stage and I don’t remember a second from there on when i wasn’t either smiling way too hard or i wasn’t dying because of laughing so much.
​So the show was called EIC VS Bollywood. It was conducted by 3 people from the EIC group, led by  Mr. Sorabh Pant (owner and founder), Sahil Shah and Sapan Verma.

The premise of the show was to basically take a dig on Bollywood and present the worst of each category with a “ghanta” award, like an Indianised version of The Razzies, but OMG it was definitely way more than that. They took a dig on Sindhis, Rich Dubai-ites, Politics, Indian religions, and each other. There was so much impromptu stand-up and their timing had everyone in that room in splits. I literally had tears in my eyes from laughing so hard. Those guys are legends. 
​Sorabh Pant, I googled the man after his OTT performance on the show to realize that he’s one of the top 10 comedians in India. Hrithik Roshan had actually dubbed him as the “funniest guy on stage” and he’s opened for the likes of Vir Das (a few times now) and Wayne Brady who said "He's the second brilliant Indian comedian I've seen, after Russell Peters”. He is definitely worth all the hype! Was further amazed to learn hubby has also opened shows for Sorabh in 2013. Umm Wow!
​Sapan Verma and his ever famous Maroon blazer, is another plethora of talent and funny-isms. He’s apparently performed worldwide in NYC, Spain, Doha, Singapore and China. Apart from that he’s scripted Bollywood celebrities SRK, Farhan Akhtar, Ranveer Singh, Boman Irani to name a few for the most popular award shows like Filmfare and GIIMA. He also teaches filmmaking and script writing to media students at Jai Hind college in Mumbai because as per his own admission “he likes ruining careers” LOL
​Sahil Shah and his amazing pixalated bow-tie are a pile of cocky humour as well! Just like his fellow comedian he’s performed all over the world and scripted for all the award shows for all these famous actors on stage! But did you know he’s given a TedX talk as well and has been featured on shows such as ‘UR Fired’ and ‘The Front Row’. 
​There, these 3 stars completely rocked the show and made sure there wasn’t a single soul who didn’t have fun! They picked through the crowd,made overtly sexual references, joked about geriatrics and even rapped in the end collectively about the lameness of Bollywood. There wasn't a single topic that wasn’t made fun of that night and I feel that's how they reach and connect with the audience! There were so many Indian references that i was afraid the crowd of Dubai might not entirely understand but apparently they did and chuckled all throughout.
​These guys are psychopaths who’ll make sure your cheeks hurt at the end of their 2 hour long set very effortlessly. And yes, 2 hours doesn’t get boring because you get a rotation from the trio so you go from an extremely loud and obnoxious Sorabh Pant to a Reality sucks and i'll rub it in your face Sahil Shah to a my dry humour is awesome Sapan Verma! 

Watch them on YouTube or catch them live, they aren’t something that should be missed!  

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mishka - April 20th, 2016 at 6:13 AM
nice one
rohini - April 20th, 2016 at 6:22 AM
Seems like a great night. Bummer, we missed it. Was in India.
Pinky M - April 24th, 2016 at 5:35 AM
We were there, it was hilarious indeed !!

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