Mina Liccione

This 6 foot tall tap dancing physical comedienne has been teaching interdisciplinary arts since her early teens. She's been seen in STOMP (NYC, International Tour and San Francisco Cast), The New Pickle Circus, MTV's The Grind, Cabaret, Circo Romani, The Beat!, Sweet Charity, Big Dog Improv, Everyday Theater Berkeley, Velocity Circus' 1906 and Heliosphere Jr., Yas Hakoshima's Mime & Movement Theater, Monday Night Funnies, Dell’ Arte Plays, the Motion Picture "Cradle Will Rock" and National Lampoon’s “Pucked”, back up dancing for Dee-lite as well as numerous International Cabarets, Festivals, Comedy Clubs and TV Spots.

Mina is the adjunct Professor at the New York Film Academy Abu Dhabi and the Artistic Director of Dubomedy Arts School.

And i am still amazed how can someone whose students cross thousands can be so down-to-earth.

Shekhar Suman

Born on the same date as me 7th December, My favorite actor till date. One of the most versatile & underrated actors Bollywood has. He started his Bollywood career with the film Utsav opposite Rekha in September 1985.

Having done amazing off-beat & art films, he suddenly shifted to comedy because of a real-life tragedy. His eldest son Aayush Suman was suffering from terminal cancer at a very tender age & Shekhar asked the Doctor to pull the plug cause he could not see his young son suffer in pain everyday.

I was 10 years old when I heard this story & was greatly moved by this man & made comedy my love from thereon.

My Fav Urdu Poem:
"Honton pe hassi aur aankhon mein dard soyaa hai, Dekhne wala kya jaane, kii hasaane waala kitna roya hai.."
which basically translates into they also shed tears who make others laugh.

The Mover & Shaker of the small-screen, the man who makes viewers say Dekh Bhai Dekh, the master punster who takes potshots at everybody from Bollywood bigwigs to the political powers-that-be in a style that is Simply Shekhar's is also the 'black sheep' of his family, an actor who received rejection from filmdom and a father from whom destiny snatched away his son. Yet, life still remains an Utsav to be celebrated for this never-say-die spirit. Come what may, he will sport a smile.

And So Will I.

Tom Todoroff

One of Hollywood's greatest acting coaches. His achievements are too long to list here.

Attended Tom's Acting School back in 2007. Deeply humbled by this man of many inspirational quotes that keep motivating me in my stand-up acts, business & to a great effect in my personal life as well.

Alex Broun

​Often referred to as the "Shakespeare of short plays", Alex has had over 100 different ten-minute plays produced in over 1500 productions worldwide in theatres, universities, schools, colleges and community groups in over 40 countries worldwide. 

Alex has also worked extensively with Short+Sweet, the largest ten minute theatre festival in the world and is currently the Festival Producer of Short+Sweet Dubai. Alex joined Constellation in 2014 as a Director.

Have attended an intensive script writing workshop with Alex Broun which has helped me bring various plays that had been stuck in my head to life.

Dov Simens

Dov Simens has been Hollywood's greatest film instructor. Voted "America's #1 Film Instructor" by the National Association of Film Schools, and having taught at USC, NYU, UCLA and over 18 other major universities and film schools around the world, Dov has been revolutionizing the film industry with his Film School.

Gained some valuable insight on how the whole of Hollywood works, Learnt the tricks of the trade & was privilaged to attend his acting school back in 2006.

Dean Obeidallah

Dean, an award winning comedian who was at one time a practicing attorney, has appeared on ABC's "The View," Comedy Central's "Axis of Evil" Comedy special and is the co-creator and co-producer of Comedy's critically acclaimed Internet series "The Watch List," featuring a cast of all Middle Eastern-American comedians performing stand up and sketch comedy.

Was part a hard-core intensive workshop under Dean for a boom-boom-pow show in Club Spice, Le Meredien, Garhoud.

Under Dean's Guidance I saw a different angle of writing comedy. Smaller sets with bigger punchlines respecting the time-limit of other comedians.

Sunil Hattangadi

The man who put seeds of acting in us when we were little saplings of kids in the 5th grade of The Indian High School. The very best Dramatics Professor, Indian High School & surely UAE has ever seen.

I still remember when i was in 5th standard & opted to take The Dramatics Class taught by Mr. Sunil Hattangadi. The first few minutes into the class was hell. The way he shouted at us that he is the strictest sir with a very short temper. about 50 of us left the class immediately including me cause we were scared. i then took The Indian Music Classes for that year instead.

There is an old saying that "He who hesitates is lost". I did hesitate & lose out Sir's real magic for 365 days. Turns out he was "Acting" his anger to turn the excess students away.

I am still trying to make it up for those lost 365 days.

Liz Hadaway

Liz is an experienced theatre director and actress from London, who has worked for major performing arts organisations and events such as the UK NSDF (National Student Drama Festival), The National Theatre Connections UK and The Singapore Arts Festival.

She also has extensive experience as a workshop facilitator running directing and acting workshops in the UK, Portugal, Peru, Singapore and Hong Kong.

As an actor Liz has performed in productions around the UK and was formerly part of Red Room Theatre Company. She has also appeared on TV, in short films, corporate films and advertisements. She toured Belgium and France as part of a TIE company and worked as a TIE actress in Hong Kong.

Liz has a BA (Hons) in English Literature and Drama, an MA in European Theatre and a PGCE in Teaching Drama. She is also a qualified LAMDA (London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art) Associate Teacher. Liz founded Inspire Productions Dubai in 2012 and became a Director of Constellation in 2014.  Liz is the Festival Director of the Short+Sweet Dubai Theatre Festival now in its third successful year in Dubai.

Have trained under Liz' expertise and successfully graduated with a distinction in LAMDA Drama Acting Level 5 degree accredited from UK in Jan 2015.

Aron Kader

Aron Kader is a comedian based in Hollywood at the Comedy Store and a founding member of The Axis Of Evil Comedy Tour. He trained in sketch comedy with The Groundlings theater in Los Angeles, becoming a member of the Sunday Company for over a year. In 2008 Aron became the first person to formally teach comedy in the Middle East.

Privileged to be a part of Aron's intensive workshop, he taught me a different technique comedy writing which included making long lists.

Having a sharp memory, i started writing a brand new set following solely his advice. Which worked wonderfully as the first time i performed that set, won the Dubomedy Standup Showdown Competition (at Wild Peeta, World Trade Centre) held among 10 very talented comedians & judged by industry veterans.

Ali Al Sayed

Ali Al Sayed is a local all-rounder in the entertainment industry; comedian, master of ceremonies, artist manager, journalist, director, producer, assistant comedy teacher and a few more tricks up his sleeve. Al Sayed has reached the stars by tapping into OSN as a Diction Coach for the Hollywood actor ‘Navid Negahban‘. He has also achieved acclaim and recognition for his skills and persona on the sets of the First Emirati-Indian film for the award winning script – ‘Mallal’; by the award winning director ‘Nayla Al Khaja’; with him as the Acting Coach.

He is the founder of the local entertainment company Viva Arts as well as the co-founder of Dubomedy Arts which is an educational outlet building a community in the entertainment arena of Dubai.

It was Ali who encouraged me to write a lot of original quick-witted one liners. Have done the writing bit but I am still to prove to him that one-liners could be my real forte vis-a-vis Live Shows. In Time ;)

Saad Haroon

Saad is the creator, host and writer for Pakistan’s first English language comedy show ‘The Real News’ A show that uses satire and sketch to break boundaries as the first weekly comedy show in Pakistan to be filmed in front of a live studio audience. Saad is also the creator of Pakistan’s first improvisational comedy troupe ‘BlackFish’.

Saad honed and bettered my skills at Improvisational Comedy.

Farzeen Shroff

My Spiritual Guide & Reiki Master, Farzeen Shroff has been helping her family, friends & thousands of students through a number of alternative approaches which include reiki, personal empowerment, Yoga, Channeling, Kundalini Shaktipath, Spiritual Healing, Chakra Meditation, Visualizations, Affirmations and Intuitive Guidance. 

She considers it the greatest privilege to be able to use the love, gifts and spiritual talents to help inspire and guide others in their journeys.

She has taught me the art & science of Reiki, a Japanese Healing technique, attuned my body, mind & soul & influenced my thought process eventually guiding me to connect with the one above.

A complete path-breaking & life-altering experience, I would highly recommend every family & friend of mine to seek the missing puzzle in their life by attending her course.