O'Learys Sports Restaurant

by Jannat & Pawan Manghnani on July 14th, 2016


Today, O'Learys is one of Sweden's strongest and most well-known brands with satisfied staff members and profitable franchise operators. Up to 3 million people visit O'Learys restaurants every year.
​O'Learys has around 100 restaurants in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Spain, UAE, China, Vietnam and Singapore making it Sweden's most expansive restaurant chain.


Considering Zomato as food review mecca, when we saw that there wasn't even even one review up, we were a bit hesitant to go there. But since their team was so prompt to every email of us, we thought why not? The location of the place is a bit messed up on Google maps but its right next to the Etihad pick-up and drop-off point in Dubai! They had valet available so that saved us a TON of time and stress, considering it was on the main road. You'll see a giant green air balloon as a montage at the entrance of this "sports-restaurant"(no alcohol), called O'Learys! 


Mind Blown! There was SO much detail in the interiors here that we were just checking out the pictures on the wall for the first 5-10 minutes! They has memoirs for literally every game, and even an odd picture of Obama with the Red Sox team! Fancy.. It's definitely made in a very sporty fashion obviously with multiple TV screens all around and guys, a mini game ARCADE, which includes like a basket-ball game, PAC-MAN and Mario to name a few! We were sold! They also have a separate smoking area where-in sheesha is available! The ONLY downside is that we wished there would be some alcohol but we think this would be a boon for anyone who doesn't drink! 

If you look at it, they have something for everyone: kids can be distracted with the arcade while the parents can dine and sheesha away! Perfect. 
We were obsessed by their vinyl table cloth because it wouldn't make any spill look bad! It would just wipe off and become as good as new, like nothing ever happened! 
We are not sports enthusiasts or we could mention the intensity with which this place covers all major sporting events on their wall! 


Apart from massive TV screens playing your favorite matches, kids (and adults) can enjoy retro arcade games as well. The games are prices at AED10/- per game/coin which is definitely very reasonably priced. And of course, you can prolong this depending upon your skill to reach Level 2, 3, 4 & so on. Really brings out the kid in you!
I think everyone will try this childhood favourite for sure and feel like they can win! Trust me, it ain't that easy! 
A Pac Man game-off while you are there perhaps? 
This one seems easy but isn't! You need to make 40 throws in like 40 seconds if I remember correctly! Definitely one of the most fun ones..


Yes, they have a full fledged bar, and you'll get everything non-alcoholic here from Brut champagne to some Mojitos but all virgin! It's not that bad when you think of it, and their unique Mocktails are definitely worth a try because they don't over do it with the sugar syrup and there is a VAST variety of them! 
Raspberry Mint Lemonade:

Made with fresh raspberries (muddled and whole), fresh mint leaves and freshly squeezed lemon, with addition to Agave honey as sweetener, this drink is SO refreshing and as I had mentioned earlier, it will not kill you with sugar because there is no excessive sweetener! 
Thai Passion:

Made with ​Thai lemongrass, fresh passionfruit and homemade lychee pure. Again, super duper refreshing- these drinks are perfect thirst quenchers, in the summer months and the crunchiness from the passionfruit seeds adds to the fun activity of drinking the cooler! The flavour is not too overwhelming and suited us just right! 
Lussory Brut:

Premium, sparkling white brut such a perfect alternative for people who don't drink alcohol! We were missing the regular taste of white wine but were just discussing how this could be a good pseudo alternative! 
Lussory Gold:

This eye catching bottle contains 24 karat edible gold and is a perfect drink for any occasion I think? Sadly, it isn't sold by the glass, or else we would have definitely tried it! Priced at AED550/- this one looks really special!


Accurate pub food, we couldn't have asked for anything better!  We started of by ordering a basket of wings in mixed flavours- not on the menu but we wanted to sample them so they custom made this for us. The varieties were:
​Parmesan Garlic: 
A tad bit salty but yum nonetheless! Start with this one and then move on to the other more tangier/spicier flavors.
​Asian Black Pepper:
Asian Black Pepper chicken wings are coated in black pepper sauce, and are served with Blue Cheese dip. This one was the best of the lot.
For all the spicy wings lovers, your hunt stops here! Their buffalo wings were balanced well with the sauce that didn't make your tongue burn!
O'Learys Home-Run Combo:
Just like the name suggests, this shareable platter had a good portion of everything! The had cheese fingers- which were mozzarella sticks coated in bread crumbs and deep-fried then some Jalepeno poppers- which like an authentic recipe was cheese filled in a seeded jalepeno! The cheese could be improved upon though. There were two very juicy and full of flavour ribs, that we chewed to the last bit and lastly we god a portion of our favourite Asian wings! Honestly, by the end of this were very satisfied customers! 
Potato Gratin:
This was a side to our grilled chicken breast ordered as a main course! We the option of choosing what sauce it comes in and one side, so we chose the gratin! This one came in a small bowl with peeled and sliced potatoes topped with cheese and baked to perfection! The gratin i've eaten elsewhere are a bit different but their version was not so bad!
Grilled Chicken Breast:
Tender,  juicy and well portioned we ordered ours with a smooth chili mayo as the sauce! The buttered corn was delish too!
Marvin Hagler’s Pulled Beef Burger:
In one word: YUM! I just don't like leaves in my food (I know!), and this burger was loaded with rocket leaves. Otherwise the beef was the winning point of this burger! Pulled meat is a method of slow cooking that allows the meat to be braised and cooked while soaking up the flavours from the condiments or by itself, and if done well it creates the most brilliant sandwich its put in!

We ordered ours with a side of onion rings and all main courses are served with a side of fries. Both complimented the  burger and were consumed within seconds.


Lewis H Molten Bundt Cake:
We were in love with the idea of this cake from the moment we read about it in the menu! It was basically a chocolate bundt cake (a cake with a hole) filled with caramel sauce and topped by the same sauce and some glazed walnuts served with vanilla ice cream on the side. 

​​The cake was gooey and dense and the caramel gave it that edge it lacked in flavour, and paired that with vanilla ice cream, was a good mixture of hot and cold as well as some texture play with the nuts! Overall this was a good end to our meal!


​​Interiors –

Location –

Ambiance –

Value for Money –

Service & Hospitality –

Quality & Taste of Food –

Cost –
About AED150-200 Per PAX

Cuisine –

Phone –
​04 3466635

Address –
​Al Safa 2, Opposite Noor Bank Metro Station, Sheikh Zayed Road, Al Safa, Dubai


We LOVED O'learys not only for their ambiance and food but also for the excellent service they provided us! Its barely been 2 weeks since they have opened doors and we see a bright future for them, considering how well thought of and managed this place is! You guys have to try it to experience it. The music doesn't disappoint either! 
Power Couple & Lifestyle Bloggers Jannat Manghnani (@PriyankaVidhani) & Pawan Manghnani (@AyaashPaw) love food. It's the only thing they eat. They embark on a unique adventure every evening trying to break free from the routine while soaking in a new experience, well detailed into blogs so friends & family can benefit from them. Read about the entire experience by checking out their various blogs. Remember, A drop of ink may make a million think.

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Nitesh - July 19th, 2016 at 6:55 AM

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